What precautions do you take in order to prevent my flowers do not freeze?

We are taking precautions depending the product, country of origin so that your flowers do not freeze.

During the winter season we take all necessary precautions possible to avoid freezing of the flowers. It really depends on the product and country of origin. For example for flowers out of Latin America we strap the air holes at the end of boxes. From Holland we put additional packing material for really sensitive flowers to prevent frost. But all of a sudden, the most critical part is they unload them from the aircraft in Memphis. If the boxes are in the wind stream of frozen air, that might affect some of the boxes. Closing the air holes of the boxes will prevent this issue and the faster they are being brought into the coolers the damage will be minimized. This part is unfortunately out of our control, but over the previous years, we have seen less than 1.5% of our boxes during winter season that had a (partly) frost damage issue. If this will happen, please follow our claim procedure. Click here for more info.