How do I submit a claim?

Claims can be submit through your account dashboard

If you want to submit a claim, head over to your account dashboard via My account/ Claims/ Request claimClaims can only be requested within 48 hours after delivery of your flowers. Every claims must contain minimum 4 pictures (1 of the box label, 1 of the box, min 2 pictures with issue/ problem).  

  1. Select the order number of the product you need to claim.
  2. confirm if this box did arrive or not.
    - If not, select NO and confirm. Your claim is filed now.
    - If your box arrived, select YES and continue the following steps hereunder
  3. Select the variety you wish to claim
  4. Select the number of stems/ bunches to claim
  5. Fill out your comments. The better your description is, the faster we can judge your claim request. 
  6. Select the claim reason (multiple options can be chosen)
  7. Upload your photos.  4 pictures is the minimum, but if you have more pictures, please upload (click add) these so that we can take a faster decision on the refund.
  8. Click the button: Send Claim Request

Once we receive your claim, we will check all details and normally within 24-72 hours we will finalize your claim. If the claim is accepted, you will be refunded on the credit card this order was paid with. 

Important rules:
- if you claim 12 stems of out the 25 of flowers, we need to see the 12 stems with issue. Not only 3 or 4 stems. In that case, only the stems visible with issues will be refunded. 
- no photos available for the product to be claimed is no refund
- we do not accept claims for boxes that FedEx or DHL tried to deliver to your store/ event location and no one was there to accept the boxes so a re-delivery attempt was in place. 

Click here to read our claim policy.