What is your claim policy?

Please find here our complete claim policy

Claim Policy iBuyFlowers LLC. Last updated January 01, 2021

DAMAGED OR INCORRECT PRODUCT RECEIVED: In the event you receive product that is not what you specifically ordered or it is damaged when received, you must contact iBuyFlowers LLC immediately by making a credit request online under My Account/ Claims and assert your claims for credit and provide the information requested by iBuyFlowers LLC. ALL SUCH CLAIM REQUESTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT OF THE SHIPMENT THAT IS THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CLAIM IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A CREDIT. ANY CLAIMS FILED AFTER 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT OF YOUR SHIPMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

(a) Damaged Product: If you received damaged product, you must include the following information in your credit request: picture with FedEx box label, amount of stems damaged, reason for this claim and photos of the damaged product for ALL stems claimed. (if you claim 12 stems, we need to see the 12 stems damaged product on the photo).

(b) Incorrect Product Received: If the product received is not what was ordered, you must include the following information in your credit request: picture with FedEx box label clearly showing the tracking number and contents of the box and one more clear pictures of the incorrect product.

(c) If all the required information is timely provided and your claim is validated by iBuyFlowers LLC, we will issue a refund of the amount you paid for the incorrect or damaged product.

(d) You will be responsible for paying for your own additional shipping costs for custom boxes not fully packed. Additional Shipping costs are non-refundable.

(e) One day late delivery policy. iBuyFlowers LLC does not refund any box that is delivered ONE (1) day later as originally scheduled in any circumstance of a weather condition, Covid-19 and or US customs issue.

(f) Shipping during holidays. During the two major flower holidays in the United States (Valentine's and Mother’s Day), your boxes may arrive 1 day earlier or 1 to 3 days later depending on the available freight. Although we shipped 95-98% of all our boxes in time during the past holidays, Covid-19 is affecting airspace. No refund will apply if the flowers arrive correctly and still in time for the Holiday.