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Why do I need to add a credit card?

Without adding a credit card we cannot process your order. We suggest to add up a backup card in case the default card fails.

If  you want to purchase flowers from our market place, we need at least one credit card on file. This  is needed to continue and do a final check out of your order process at iBuyFlowers.  We use your credit card that you select during check out to make the reservation for the flowers you purchase. However, we suggest always to add a backup card on file in case your default card fails. 

The 3 most common issues we have seen with credit cards on file:

  1. Insufficient funds: in that case we ask you to add more funds to your card.
  2. Not allowed: in that case you need to tell your bank/ credit card company to inform to allow iBuyFlowers LLC to charge to your credit card.
  3. Pick up card/ lost card: in that case we ask you to add a new credit card on file.

Important: for 1st time buying customers: make sure iBuyFlowers LLC is whitelisted at your bank or credit card company.