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When will my credit card be charged?

We will charge your credit card typically 2 days prior to packing unless there is an exception.

iBuyFlowers makes a reservation on your credit card typically 2 days before packing, but there are a few exceptions when we do this earlier:

  1. For tinted products and bouquets, 4-5 days before packing (depending on the farm)
  2. For Dutch products, three (3) days before packing

We charge (capture the reservation) your credit card 6,5 days after the reservation. If we need to refund due to quality issues, we will refund the credit card on file for that specific order. 

If there is a credit card issue one day prior to packing, we move the order for delivery to the next arrival date. If the credit card still has issues the next day, your order will be deleted. 

Could you make sure your credit card is updated before the major holidays? Preferably, set up a backup credit card in our system.