What is iBuyFlowers Standing Order Process?

The process of creating a Standing Order can be done online and contains just 3 easy steps

We offer you the option to create a Standing Order for items you purchased before in 3 easy steps:
1. Just go to My Account/ Order by Purchase date and select one of the items that is highlighted with the option to create a Standing Order (items without the Standing Orders link are not available for a Standing Order due to the fact that the product is not year-round available or because it is a custom box that isn't completely filled).

2. After selecting the box you wish to place on Standing Order, we ask you if you want to put this box on a weekly, biweekly  Standing Order.

3. Confirm your Standing Order by clicking the button. We will send you a confirmation email with all details of your Standing Order. Once it has been processed on our system (takes 1-7 days depending on the grower/ country of origin) you will receive a final confirmation by email that the Standing Order is active. From that moment you have 7 days 'review period' and can still cancel the Standing Order. After the review period is over you commit to the Standing Order as created.