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What happens when my credit card is rejected?

When your credit card is rejected we cannot charge your credit card. We ask you kindly to add a new credit card.

If your credit card is rejected, your payment will not go through and you will receive an email notification with a request to add another card. 

If the flowers are for the same-day packing, you should reply before 10 am EST or we will move it to the next available arrival date. If the arrival date is pushed from Thursday to Friday, it will be canceled or shipped 100% under your own responsibility

If no action is taken at all and we cannot charge your card, we will delete the order(s). 

Tip: We highly suggest adding a backup card on file. You can do this from your dashboard. Click My Account/ Account/ User Settings/ Payment Options and add/ update here your credit card details. In case your default card fails, we will try to back up the card on file automatically.