My peonies are small/ do not show color!?

My peonies arrived with a little color, dehydrated or limp. What should I do?

Peony flowers are harvested in bud form, often showing a little color. In transit, peonies can become dehydrated and/or limp (foliage can look very wilted).  After following proper processing flowers and foliage will rejuvenate in 2-24 hours. The Peony Buds may appear damaged and bruised, these are the outer guard petals that protect the flower and will not be noticeable when blooms open.  Removing these guard petals can initiate shedding.  Leave them on!

It’s not fair to judge the flower by the bud!  Some varieties, especially Duchesse de Nemours, are harvested as a tiny buds but will grow to be a flower over 4.5” in diameter. It will take 2-4 days for the flower to fully develop.

Upon arrival:
1. Prepare a fresh flower solution in cool water. Be sure to measure flower food correctly.
2. Re-cut about 1″ off stems and remove any foliage that is damaged or will be below the waterline when placed in solution.
3. Place into solution and store at room temperature until they are open to the desired stage.  Then place it in the flower cooler to hold.
4. Do not place peonies too tightly inside buckets. Flowers need room to open.
5. Flowers can stay in the same solution for 5-6 days.
6. Peonies are big drinkers! Watch solution and fill with fresh flower food solution when needed.
7. Peonies are ethylene sensitive so be careful and avoid ethylene situations (ripening fruit, car exhaust, evergreen foliage, decomposing flowers.)