My wedding/ event is on Saturday. When should I order my flowers?

Plan your flower delivery 3-5 days in advance. Do not buy one day prior your wedding/ event!

Our flowers are always fresh cut! And by fresh we mean that they are cut specifically to go into your box. Therefore, if you are having a special event on Saturday, we suggest ordering your flowers 3-5 day before, allowing the flowers to breathe and be ready just in time for you event or for a special client. 

For flowers from Latin America we suggest to select a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery 
For flowers from The Netherlands we suggest to select a Thursday delivery
For flowers from the USA we suggest to select a Wednesday delivery

Important: if your Wedding/ Event is on Saturday do not order your flowers for Friday delivery. In case a box will miss the scan in Memphis or a shipment is delayed with one day (airplane issue, weather circumstance etc.), your flowers won't be delivered in time and you cannot hold us responsible for this!