How does your shopping list technology work?

With the shopping list technology the computer will do the 'thinking'. It searches through all growers + packing options and gives you the most efficient & cost effective way to pack and ship your floral needs.

iBuyFlowers gives you the option to use computer power to calculate the best deal for your Purchase orders based upon most efficient and cost effective way to pack and ship your flowers. It works in generally the best for large Purchase orders and if you can use flowers from all growers available. How to proceed with the shopping list:

  1. Select the variety you need. There can be 2 options:
    1) there is only one grower: Just pick the number of boxes or bunches  you need.
    2) there are multiple growers:  Keep the 'Best deal or select a grower' to best deal and type in the number of stems you need. You can use the predefined numbers or type any number you need.  Click the blue Put in card (find the best deal) to continue shopping
    Important: finally the shopping list will round up to complete bunches. Example: if you need 21 stems Rose Freedom, the system will round this up to the nearest bunch which is in this case 25 stems.
  2. Repeat this step for all items you need to purchase.

Once done, click on your cart in the right upper corner and follow the check out procedure to finalize your purchase.

View our animated gif how to fill your cart based upon the shopping list technology:

Shopping List technology