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Checklist to receive your Vday flowers

Ensure there are no issues with your order (which could lead to cancellation!) by preparing your credit card and bank correctly today.

  1. ✅ Add a backup credit card to your account now.
    We will charge for each order ~10 days prior to chosen delivery date. (Sooner for bouquets and tinted items.) If, for any reason, the charge does not go through, we can use your backup card to avoid delays and issues! If we are unable to complete payment, your order is moved to the next arrival date (usually 1 day later). If we are still unable to complete payment on the following day, your order will be deleted completely. There are no exceptions, as the product is limited, with many shortages, and farms are working around the clock to fulfill the huge bulk of orders happening for Valentine's Day.
    Add a backup credit card here »

  2. ✅ Communication is key: contact your bank!
    Contact your bank to mark iBuyFlowers safe, this is called "whitelisting", "preferred vendor", etc. It is helpful to mention that you expect multiple charges within a 24-hour period. Many banks and card companies flag this activity as fraud, causing the charge to decline. In this case, your flower order will not get processed, and you could not receive your Vday flowers!
  4. ✅ Increase your daily credit limit.
    We don't often have to think about our daily limit, as we usually don't anticipate that high spending! Valentine's Day flower orders are an exception. Please be proactive in double-checking the total amount of your order(s) and ensuring your daily limit will not be reached or exceeded. Your bank or card company can adjust this limit both temporarily and permanently.

  5. ✅ Be on the lookout for your tracking emails from FedEx!
    When the farm creates your shipping label, FedEx will automatically email over the direct tracking information! Save these emails to reference back to track your order(s). The shipping/arrival date on this email may reflect 1 day earlier than the delivery date you chose, but we have not adjusted your delivery date. During major holidays, like Valentine's Day, we prepare our shipping list in advance to inform our US Customs Department of a list of products coming. This expedites the process and eliminates the chances of delays. It may look like your product will arrive a day earlier, but we will pack and ship according to the date you ordered. The only exception will be with any farm-level delay issues. In that case, you will be informed via email, just like we usually do.

  6. ✅ Take a picture of your box labels before tossing them, just in case you need to file a claim!
    If there is a quality issue, please make sure you have a picture of the box label from the farm, the FedEx label, and a clear and detailed picture(s) of the product with issues. For example, if you claim 15 stems, we need to see the 15 stems in the picture clearly with issues. If not, the claim can be denied. As always, you may contact Paulina (), Rosa Maria  (), or your account manager if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding. Our team will do their very best together with our premium growers to ship you the highest quality of flowers for your Valentine's Day holiday!